The Business Master Class: The 8-steps that businesses need to succeed

Do you need help formulating strategies that will ensure the success of your business? 
We’ve invited Thomas Wilson, CEO of Mogul Vision Partnerships, LLC to demonstrate and coach you through the 8-steps businesses need to succeed during an economic downpour.
Join us and receive tips on how to mastermind a business strategy that will yield short & long-term results.
In this coaching session, we will help you identify the following:
1. What’s Your WHY (Why does your business matter?)
2.   Your Product /Service
3.   Your Customer Why
4.   Your Product Prototype/Service Process
5.   Sales: How & Where will you sell
6.   Determine a Market Demand
7.   Determine Your Product/Service (Cost & Demand+ Validation) Outlook
8.   Develop a Marketing Strategy that yields results
In addition, you will learn about Business Plan Importance (Business Value, Raising Capital, Current Goals, Future Goals, Explain), and how to Source and Use Capital/Funds.


Hosted By:
Start: September 21, 2020 @ 6:00 pm
Category: Skills & Business Training, Upcoming
Duration: 60
Timezone: America/New_York

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