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6 Ways to Overcome a Business Trauma

In today's climate, Covid-19 has brought many challenges to businesses as they're trying to stay afloat. Unless you offer an essential service, you probably experienced a significant blow to your business.  Perhaps you’ve stabilized your company, or you might still be…

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What Keeps You Up At Night?

What Keeps You Up At Night?  Join me and Caleb White of Northwestern Mutual as he helps owners of small businesses think through and prioritize their risk management, employee benefits, exit planning, and personal financial security needs. In this workshop, we’ll explore…

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Legal Direction Trademark Law

​Do you need legal advice and direction for trademarking and patenting your business?​ ​Join me with Robert Jones, Trademark Paralegal of Legal ​Direction as he shares basic information on the definition of a trademark, types of trademarks, how to choose one…

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Do you know the best certification for your business? A certification can is a business strategy that can level the contracting playing field. During this webinar, you will learn about the local, state, federal, and private certifications available for businesses.  This session…

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Operating in the New Normal 

Covid-19 has made a profound impact on the smallest, locally-owned businesses that are the backbone of many downtown districts and surrounding areas throughout the United States. Business owners are Covid-19 has made a profound impact on the smallest, locally-owned businesses that…

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