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Do you know the best certification for your business? A certification can is a business strategy that can level the contracting playing field. During this webinar, you will learn about the local, state, federal, and private certifications available for businesses.  This session…

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Operating in the New Normal 

Covid-19 has made a profound impact on the smallest, locally-owned businesses that are the backbone of many downtown districts and surrounding areas throughout the United States. Business owners are Covid-19 has made a profound impact on the smallest, locally-owned businesses that…

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Creating a Logo Using Canva

Your logo is the face of your company—and when it comes to designing such an important piece of your brand identity, you want to put your best foot forward and create something people will remember. We've invited, Creative Director, Bobbiette of…

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Thinking Like A Lender

Have you ever wondered exactly what lenders look for in a loan application? Sharon Moe, Market President and Commercial Lender with North State Bank will fill you in on all the secrets and let you know how lenders think.  She…

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Stimulating Your Business idea

Do you have some ideas for starting or growing your business? Can you answer the why, what and how for the idea? OR Do you want to start or grow your business and cannot find the right idea? Can you…

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