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The goal of the Centre is to connect our clients with supportive community networks, resources and opportunities to ease obstacles interfering with their success. Through referrals, direct service and outside agency coordination, our clients will gain access, information and support to address specific needs and gain self-sufficiency. We connect clients to community and government agencies health care providers and other partner organizations to address their immediate and/or long term needs and goals. Clients will gain enhanced knowledge and expand their network of support.

Community resource fairs and workshops are held throughout the year to explore, expand and strengthen ties to the community and provide important resources for our clients.

Please click on link for resource list:

Resource List

Referrals provided through the Centre include:

  • Emergency shelter
  • Supportive/transitional housing resources
  • Youth and adult food shelves
  • Child care resources
  • Parenting support
  • Low/reduced or free health care
  • Counseling support
  • Chemical/mental health programs
  • Meals/clothing
  • County application/benefits

The Centre serves individuals who are:

  • Homeless/highly mobile
  • Living in transitional housing
  • Lacking financial resources (no/limited income)
  • Facing eviction
  • Lacking a family support system
  • In need of mental health and/or chemical treatment assessment, programs or support services
  • Needing health insurance, have medical issues or need medical assistance
  • Facing other emergency situations
  • Individuals in need of support and advocacy
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