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Family Self Sufficiency Program

The purpose of our family Self-Sufficiency program (FSS) is to provide an opportunity for families to achieve economic independence by providing training and housing to enrolled participants. Ultimately it’s to help individuals get on their feet and out of subsidized housing. We provide rental counseling, first time homebuyer classes, financial coaching, budget and credit coaching and life skill training in order to support their goals and dreams of becoming self -sufficient.

Child Care Assistance

The Centre for Community Action provides available resources for childcare through the NC Division of Childcare Development and Early Education  North Carolina has one of the highest rates of working mothers and we are dedicated to providing available quality resources to enhance the below median income population that we serve in North Carolina

Adult Care Services

Our agency works closely with the NC Division of Aging and Adult Services ( to promote the independence and enhance the dignity of older adults, persons with disabilities and their families through a community based system of opportunities, services, benefits and protections. The division provides aging and adult services assistance which includes the following:

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