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Orange County ADAPT Program

The Orange County Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Team (ADAPT) is made up of high school students from Cedar Ridge and Orange High who are committed to doing their part to reduce youth alcohol and substance abuse in Hillsborough and rural Orange County. These young people educate their peers about the downsides of using drugs and alcohol but more importantly make real change to local policy, availability and how our community views underage drinking and drug use.

ADAPT brings awareness to these dangerous products, as well as consequences for providing alcohol to youth, by canvassing a store’s alcohol products with stickers. ADAPT members assess retail environments for responsible alcohol sales practices, such as placing alcohol away from popular beverages for kids, promoting no-alcohol alternatives, and posting warnings that IDs will be checked. The program also track trends and offer support and training on how to routinely check IDs and avoid selling alcohol to underage individuals; and much more.

To learn more about Orange County’s ADAPT program, please visit their website for more information.