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Mental Health/Peer Support

Mental Health Care and Substance Abuse Counseling promotes public health approaches to prevent mental disorder, address substance abuse conditions, health behaviors (including their contribution to chronic medical illnesses), life stressors and crises, stress-related physical systems, and ineffective patterns of health care utilization. Our program aims to provide guidance and preventive measures to help troubled individuals cope with life’s challenges and improve one’s emotional intelligence.

Comprehensive Clinical Assessment (CCA)

One of the main roles of a therapist in our agency is to conduct clinical assessments to determine whether a client is suffering from a psychological or behavioral disorder. During the clinical interview, the therapist will gather information regarding a client’s family history, social life, employment, financial situation, previous experience in mental health treatment, and other factors that can impact their mental health and well-being. The assessment provides the therapist with a comprehensive picture of the client’s life, which helps in determining the diagnosis and course of treatment.

Therapists are trained for Diagnostic Assessment

A Diagnostic Assessment is a thorough face-to-face evaluation conducted on a consumer of any age, which assesses their mental health, intellectual and developmental disability history, or substance use condition. The Diagnostic Assessment is completed by a licensed professional and includes clinical considerations of the client’s physical, developmental, family, social, psychiatric, psychological history, and presenting concerns.

The assessment notes strengths, vulnerabilities, and needed mental health services, while assigning a diagnosis from the DSM V. This provides a complete picture of an individual’s emotional state and how well they are able to think, reason, and remember (cognitive functioning).

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Our Mental Health Professionals support individuals living with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and severe emotionally disturbed/serious mental illness (IDD and SED/SMI). We provide one-to-one and group services uniquely tailored to help each unique family acquire and maintain
resources for social determinants of health. Family Peer Support Services provides support to caregivers to develop social networks and
connections within their local communities. We also emphasize, promote and coordinate the use of general resources to address the family’s needs.

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