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The Centre for Homeownership & Economic Development Corporation, Inc. (CHOEDC) is working to promote healthy communities in North Carolina. The problems that our neighborhoods face are complex, with a variety of economic, social and environmental factors, both external and internal, interrelating to create a series of challenges. Conditions such as economic hardship, an industrial legacy, and an aged housing stock may not be avoidable, but the manner in which they impact life can be transformed. We believe in the power of locally driven initiatives as vehicles for this transformation. We therefore work together with community groups to assess the challenges and opportunities they face, and formulate strategies for change.

We utilize federal resources to build capacity to serve low-income people and communities that lack access to affordable financial products and services. Our goals include a variety of objectives:

  • To promote economic development, to develop businesses, to create jobs and develop commercial real estate;
  • To develop affordable housing and to promote homeownership; and
  • To provide community development financial services, such as banking services, financial literacy programs, and alternatives to predatory lending.

The Centre for Homeownership & Economic Development Corporation, Inc. is committed to increasing the financial knowledge and decision making capabilities of prospective homebuyers; assisting prospective homebuyers to develop monthly budgets, build personal savings, finance or plan for major purchases, reduce their debt, improve their financial stability, and set and reach their financial goals; helping prospective homebuyers improve their credit scores by understanding the relationship between their credit histories and their credit scores; and educating prospective homebuyers about options available to build savings for short-and long term goals.

Our ultimate program goals are to identify successful methods resulting in positive behavioral change for financial empowerment, and to carry out effective financial education and counseling services to prospective homebuyers.

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