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Our community resilience plan is in conjunction with North Carolina Career Centers, North Carolina State Clean Energy Technology Center, Chambers of Commerce, Departments of Economic Development, Housing Authorities, Vance-Granville and Durham Technical Community College Small Business Centers, Prosperity Recovery Services, Reliant Logistics, Duke University Division of Community Health, and North Carolina Business Council’s industry experts. Gemini Energy Solutions, the NAACP Solar Equity Initiative, Climate Justice Project, Empowering Diversity in Clean Tech (EDICT), Clean Energy Leadership Institute, Duke Energy and other industry partners and supporters. The plan is fueled based on a 2020 Report entitled “Equitable Community

Solar: Policy and Program Guidance for Community Solar Programs that Promote Racial and Economic Equity” published by Cooperative Energy Futures and the Institute for Local Self Reliance. The report’s research and findings apply to programs nationwide, and cities. The report estimates a community solar program of 10 megawatts (MW) that would create 123 additional jobs and generate economic impact of $21 million.

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