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Workforce Preparedness & Job Skills

YouthBuild Construction Skills Program


CHOEDC’s YouthBuild Construction Skills Program provides guidance, alternative learning, and career advancement opportunities for local youth who struggle academically and have emotional instability. Through YouthBuild, students will earn an industry-recognized credential in construction or solar technology, . Additionally, students will engage in counseling sessions paired with leadership activities so that upon graduation from YouthBuild they are on a clear path to post-secondary education and gainful employment leading to individual, family and community impact.

This program will especially benefit students from low-income neighborhoods (who can’t afford to attend college) or do not wish to attend college.

YouthBuild participants will receive one-on-one case management services to provide person-centered supportive services. Participants and the Case Manager work together to ensure that the participant’s needs are being met throughout the program.

Participants will work with the job developer to create personalized employment portfolios to take with them long after they leave the YouthBuild Program. The employment portfolio includes a personalized resume. Other skills gained through job development services include interviewing and salary negotiation. We believe success starts with addressing the unique challenges facing each participant and recognize that every participant is different in what they face.


  • Earn industry-recognized certification in construction, solar technology, culinary arts, or nursing.
  • Graduate with 30 community service hours.
  • Give back to the community by building a house with Habitat for Humanity
  • Work-Study program and post-graduation employment opportunities

Contact Terence Staten for more information at (919) 241-4718.