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We realize the current demand for certified-skilled workers in the Agri-Tech-Labor (Agriculture, Technology, and Labor) Industry. Therefore, the Agri-Tech Training Academy provides job-preparedness and offers several interactive programs. Our NC Real Agricultural Entrepreneurship 21-hour program is designed for those growing crops, trees, raising livestock, making sauces, pickles or jams with items from a garden to increase their success as an agricultural entrepreneur.

This seven-week interactive course is designed to strengthen the business savvy of community farmers and budding agricultural entrepreneurs to help them develop and manage a profitable, environmentally sound small farm or agricultural business. Students who participate in this program should have one goal in mind, which is to operate effectively in order to gain the highest profit margin possible.

This is a hands-on, interactive program, beneficial to farmers or anyone who grows a marketable agricultural product, who wishes to start a business or has been in business years. Ultimately, this course will give participants opportunities to develop skills which will increase their likelihood of success as an agricultural entrepreneur.

Program Curriculum:
Class 1 – Introduction to Business Planning
Class 2 – Exploring Agricultural Business Ideas: Self- Assessment & AMP; Farm Assessment
Class 3 – Marketing
Class 4 – Business Operations
Class 5 – Introduction to Business Financials
Class 6 – Business Financials
Class 7 – Pulling It All Together: Business Proposals

Our organization along with the Vance-Granville Community College Small Business Center will facilitate a series of professional development workshops, using the ICE House Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute model and Agriculture Entrepreneurship.

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