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Housing Supportive Services

Down Payment Assistance Program (CPLP)

If you are  interested in buying a home, our agency can be invaluable in helping you navigate the homebuying process. We provide Homebuyer Education Counseling and assist  buyers in becoming Mortgage Ready. And if you’re not  ready yet, our certified housing counselors can review your credit, income and expenses and provide recommendations to help you meet loan requirements.

We also work with  several state and federal agencies aimed at meeting affordable housing needs by providing Closing Cost & Down Payment Assistance Programs.  Several of the programs are not only just for first-time homebuyers but repeat buyers as well.  For instance, one option that we provide is the Community Partner Loan Pool Program(CPLP). The (CPLP) provides eligible qualified homebuyers with UPTO $50,000  in assistance which can be used to cover down payment and/or closing cost.
For more information and to determine your eligibility please contact DeMario Stanley at (919) 241-4718.

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