Find Support for Your Family

Raising a child or caring for an adult with an intellectual/developmental disability (I/DD) or mental illness comes with unique joys and challenges. But if you’re in North Carolina, you and your family don’t have to go through it alone. The Centre for Homeownership & Economic Development (CHOEDC) offers Peer and Family Support Services throughout the state.

CHOEDC has partnered with the NC Department of Health and Human Services to provide these peer support services at no cost to families across 11 counties (Wake, Durham, Orange, Granville, Vance, Franklin, Warren, Cumberland, Robeson, Sampson, and Bladen). So what exactly does peer support mean? It refers to matching you with a specialist who has lived experience with I/DD or mental health conditions – either personally or through supporting a loved one. These peer support specialists have undergone rigorous training to help families like yours.

You can access peer support in two ways. The first is by calling our Warmline at 877-793-6877 to speak one-on-one with a specialist. Having someone to listen who truly understands the realities you face can be tremendously helpful. You’ll get non-judgmental support and may feel less alone in your journey.

The second way to access services is through in-person sessions with a specialist over a 90-day period. You’ll meet for about 3 hours each week to work on goals like problem-solving current issues, skill-building, and connecting to local resources. The peer specialist can provide coaching tailored to your family’s needs.

These face-to-face meetings also offer caring encouragement. Raising a child who has behaviors stemming from I/DD or mental illness can be isolating at times. Having the support of someone who has “been there” is invaluable. The specialist can help you celebrate successes, process frustrations, and plan for the future.

The Peer & Family Support Services are available at no cost to you, regardless of insurance coverage. This makes them accessible to all North Carolina families within the following counties: Wake, Durham, Orange, Granville, Vance, Franklin, Warren, Cumberland, Robeson, Sampson, and Bladen.

So who can benefit from these services? They are open to:

  • Children, teens, and adults with I/DD, serious mental illness, or serious emotional disorders
  • Family members and caregivers of individuals with I/DD or mental health conditions.

Whether you are a parent exhausted after years of navigating the system, or an adult with autism seeking community, there is support available. Specialists understand the intersection of raising a child with disabilities or living with a disability oneself.

And for caregivers, compassion fatigue and burnout is real. Connecting with someone who has walked in your shoes can re-energize you to keep going. You deserve care and understanding just as much as the loved one you care for.

If you carry any doubts that “no one understands what I’m going through,” know that help is out there. You are not alone. Reach out today to 877-793-6877 and take that first step. Growing your network of support can change everything.